Theistic Evolution: 

Should the Church Make Peace or War?


A lecture presented by Professor Ronald Cammenga sponsored by the Evangelism Committee of Southwest Protestant Reformed Church.


One hot button issue in the church today is the issue of theistic evolution.  By and large the church of our day has made her peace with the evolutionists, and accepted evolution as fact—scientifically demonstrable and biblically defensible.  The teaching of theistic evolution, that is, the teaching that God created all things, but that He created them by means of a process of evolution, is the view to which most professing Christians today subscribe.  Although there are many problems with this view, one great problem is that Genesis 1 and 2 must be taken literally. When taken literally they clearly do not support the teaching of evolution.

In “Theistic Evolution: Should the Church Make Peace or War?” we will examine the re-interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2 by the theistic evolutionists.

  • Is the teaching of theistic evolution compatible with the Bible’s teaching?  Or is theistic evolution a fatal compromise of biblical truth, with far-reaching consequences for those churches, theologians, and individuals who are willing to make this compromise?
  • Does the Bible make allowance for this teaching?  May the opening chapters of Genesis be interpreted from an evolutionary standpoint?  Is it possible and is it permissible to read Genesis 1 and 2 in such a way that although God is the creator of all things, God created all things by means of the process of evolution?  Is it possible that the “days” of Genesis were something other than literal, 24-hour days?
  • Does the teaching of Theistic Evolution affect the doctrines of salvation?
  • Should those who endorse the teaching of theistic evolution be permitted membership in the Christian church?  Should they be permitted to teach in the Christian schools, in the Christian colleges and universities, and in Reformed and Presbyterian churches and seminaries?
  • What must be the biblical and confessional response of Christians, particularly Reformed Christians, to the teaching of the theistic evolutionists?  For the sake of peace in the church, should we tolerate this view and those who hold to it?

These are just some of the questions connected to this controversial issue that will be examined in a public lecture entitled, “Theistic Evolution: Should the Church Make Peace or War?” on Friday, October 9, 2015 7:30PM at Grace Community Church in Hudsonville, Michigan.  Join us for an evening of instruction out of the Word of God as we examine together the fundamental truth of creation.  Bring your Bible—and a friend.


October 9, 2015



7:30 PM



Grace Community Church      3500 New Holland St.
Hudsonville, MI 49426


Background and Supporting Materials

The 1960s were years of challenges to the infallibility and inspiration of scripture. These attacks were precipitated by the increasingly popular theory of evolution, which was making inroads into Reformed churches and schools. In contradiction to this creeping heresy and in unequivocal defense of the doctrine of scripture, the Reformed Free Publishing Association published In the Beginning God.

Since then the conflict between creation and evolution as the explanation of the origin of the world has intensified, and the doctrine of scripture is increasingly compromised, even in historically Reformed churches and schools.

God’s people must be knowledgeable regarding the doctrines of scripture and of creation so that they are able staunchly to defend these truths. To this end the Reformed Free Publishing Association is pleased to republish this explanation and defense of these timeless truths.


The key to understanding Reformed doctrine is found in the title of the first chapter in this book: "God is God." This truth sets the tone for all thirteen chapters—six on God and seven on man. Each chapter on God directs the reader’s attention to a different biblical aspect of the sovereign of the universe: God as God, as creator, as Lord, as good, as the living God, and as love. 

The seven chapters about man open the biblical teaching about a subject often misinterpreted today. Clear explanation is given concerning man’s covenantal relationship to God, his creation in the image of God, his fall, and his totally depraved nature. Like the chapters in part one, these also emphasize that God is God.

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Professor Ronald Cammenga

Rev. Ronald Cammenga was ordained and installed into the ministry in Hull, Iowa Protestant Reformed Church in September of 1979.  In 1984 he accepted the call to serve in the Loveland, Colorado Protestant Reformed Church.   In 1993 he accepted the call to the Southwest Protestant Reformed Church of Wyoming, Michigan.  In November, 2004 he received and accepted the call to Faith Protestant Reformed Church, Jenison, MI  In June of 2005 he was appointed by the Synod to serve as professor of theology in the Protestant Reformed Seminary.